Retro 4 strand bracelet

COLEMAN DOUGLAS PEARLS Retro 4 strand bracelet


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This eye catching 4 strand pearl bracelet is made up of long cultured biwa pearls. The bracelet features the signature Coleman Douglas cultured pearl clasp and offers two different clasp loops for a tight or looser fit on the wrist. Coleman Douglas Pearls London was founded by Chrissie Douglas, a pearl specialist, designer and driving force behind this vibrant international pearl jewellery brand that prides itself not only on the beauty of the designs but also for providing ethically produced pearls of the highest lustre.
The bracelet measures 15.5cm in length (not including the clasp). The measurement of the length with the first clasp is 19.5cm in length and 22cm with the second clasp fastening. The width of the bracelet is approximately 9.5cm across.

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