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We’re a little bit in love with our new accessories by Clara Francis! Beautiful and wearable, these are the comfiest and prettiest headpieces – something to think about when you have to wear them all day! No need to book an appointment to try on accessories, just pop in any time from 11am-6pm on Monday-Saturday.

BESSIE - 04C1A1Z20005 BESSIE 2 - 04C1A1Z20005 DAPHNE - 04C1A1Z20002 DAPHNE 2 - 04C1A1Z20002 ELSIE - 04C1A1Z20003 ELSIE 2 - 04C1A1Z20003 GILDA - 04C1A1Z20005 GILDA 2 - 04C1A1Z20006 LUELLA - 04C1A1Z20004 LUELLA 2 - 04C1A1Z20004 NANCY - 04C1A1Z20008 NANCY 2 - 04C1A1Z20008 RUBY - 04C1A1Z20009 RUBY 2 - 04C1A1Z20009 TESS - 04C1A1Z20010 TESS 2 - 04C1A1Z20010 ZELDA - 04C1A1Z20007 ZELDA 2 - 04C1A1Z20007

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