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This week we caught up with Natasha Collis, jewellery designer and founder of Natasha Collis Jewellery. Click below to read all about her collection, her inspiration and how her pieces from her collection make the most special gifts.

Nestled in the hills of Ibiza, Natasha Collis works in her studio creating one-of-a-kind treasures. Having founded a love for creating jewellery 16 years ago, Natasha has gone on to open a boutique and receive international acclaim. Natasha’s pieces have an organic feel to them, having been influenced by the Ibizan countryside and the colour which surrounds her there. The way in which Natasha designs and creates each piece within her collection, means no two pieces are the same, allowing the wearer to feel confident that their piece is truly unique.

“Jewellery says so much about who you are. It becomes such a part of you that you would feel undressed without it” – Natasha Collis

Not only is each piece individual, they can also be thought of as collectible. Women can build up a collection from Natasha and wear all of it at once without it looking “over done”. The irregular shapes of her rings allow them to be stacked, the delicate details in her necklaces mean they can be layered. It’s not hard to see why a piece of jewellery from Natasha would make a perfect gift for someone special.
We chatted with Natasha to find out more about her collection…

Hi Natasha! It’s a pleasure to have you on our blog. Can you tell us a bit about your ‘Natasha Collis Jewellery’ brand?
I hand make the jewellery collection in my Ibiza shop and studio with my small team of creatives. Shaping gold and balancing colour to give each piece its own personality. My designs are subtle yet strong as with the random beauty found in nature.

How long have you been creating jewellery?
I started making jewellery in 2004 and opened my first boutique in 2009.

When beginning the design of a new collection, where do you draw your inspiration from?
Ibiza is part of my every day and that in itself is a key source of inspiration for me. Designing timeless yet modern pieces has always been my goal. You will find unique shapes and forms throughout my collections, alongside precious colours. The imperfection of nature is my perfection.

In this ever-evolving world and in the interest of sustainability, we are finding customers to be more conscientious about what they buy. Where do you source the materials for your jewellery?
Conscious sourcing is important to me, the gold that I use to design my jewellery is fair trade and recycled gold.
When sourcing the stone, I try my best to work with companies who are actively practicing sustainability.

Most of our readers are engaged and planning upcoming nuptials! Do you have pieces suitable for a bride and groom?
Yes, we offer beautiful bespoke pieces for the bride and groom. Always made with Natasha Collis’s signature design in mind.

You also offer bespoke pieces; can you tell us about the process if someone wished to commission a piece of jewellery with you?
A meeting will be arranged between myself and the clients where they explore my collection and find their dream design.
I am currently offering both in person and online meetings.

Outside of being able to shop your collection online, where else can we find your jewellery?
Ibiza, London and New York

Finally, what is currently your favourite piece in your collection?
My all-time favourite piece is a classic fine nugget necklace. Which can be a great gift for your maid of honour!

Click here to view Natasha’s full collection online.

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