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No other accessory quite says ‘bride’ like a veil, but is wearing a veil for your wedding necessary?  In this weeks blog post we explore the symbolism of a veil, its historic roots and how the veil has evolved in the 21st century. Leaving the big question, to veil or not to veil?

01 Keith Appleby Photography

Photographer: Keith Appleby

To Veil or Not to Veil? That is the question.

No other bridal accessory says “bride” quite like a veil. The veil has been worn by women from all cultures  and religions for thousands of years and is still worn by women today in most middle eastern societies. In Western culture, the veil has evolved to become a garment mostly associated with brides on their wedding day, however many cultures around the world retain the veil as a symbol of modesty.

Many brides today choose to wear a veil for what it represents for themselves. Some women choose to wear a veil for the religious purpose it was created for, as it is not only a symbol of modesty but also a symbol that represents that important step when a woman commits herself to her husband and in fact steps from one life into another.

Whatever the reason for wearing one may be – In the West, wedding veils are still just as popular as ever and the choice of styles today is endless.

As a bridal consultant, I always encourage a bride to try a veil on, so she can decide for herself if she wants to wear one or not. It’s surprising how many brides are quick to shun the idea of a veil, but once trying one on, they invariably change their mind, as its symbolism takes on a literal form adding a certain mystery and weight to the wedding dress.

Rule number one when choosing a veil :


It’s best to chose your veil after the wedding dress has been decided. This way you can decide to have your veil match the detail of your gown, or to choose something more simple and let the dress do the talking.

At Browns Bride we stock a wide variety of beautiful veils; varying in length and styles. Below we have featured some close up images of our veils, to show how diverse and detailed veils can be.


Mira Zwillinger


Monique Lhuillier



Monique Lhuillier – Elizabeth Veil

Toni Federici



Peter Langner



Just like our dresses, our veils have been handpicked for our store. Our designers show off their individual styles by designing veils that complement their gowns. Matching a veil to a gown can help add a luxurious feel to a brides look and it  can be as a elaborate or as minimal as a bride wishes.

For brides who chose not to wear a veil, it doesn’t make her any less of a bride. The best thing is there are no rules and  hundreds of other alternatives to choose from; from statement jewellery to delicate hair pieces and flower crowns. You can browse a small collection of our accessories online here. but to view the full collection we recommend you come in store!

The wedding veil has had it’s own evolution over the years, stemming from religious roots and flourishing into the ultimate bridal accessory. Regardless of geography or culture – the veil is something that will continue to be worn for centuries to come. Who knows? It may have an entirely different meaning associated with it by then.

Are you planning on wearing a veil on your wedding day?

You are welcome to come in store to browse our veils at any time, there is no appointment necessary. To find out more information don’t hesitate to call us on 020 7034 1400 or email us at

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